What to do in Barcelona

  • The Grec: The Festival of Barcelona

    The Grec: The Festival of Barcelona

    The Grec Festival of Barcelona, a theatre, dance, music and circus festival, is one of the main attractions of Barcelona summer. A festival which aims to surprise, open new expectations, arouse curiosity, to be a unique experience, has become a reference within the European performing arts.

  • Gràcia Festival

    Gràcia Festival

    Every year in August, Gràcia, a neighbourhood in Barcelona, celebrates its street festival, the Festa Major de Gràcia, one of the most beautiful, colourful and lively in Catalonia. The streets, balconies and main doors are decorated with streamers, motifs and images, becoming real masterpieces.

  • Opera house “El Gran Teatre del Liceu”

    Opera house “El Gran Teatre del Liceu”

    Barcelona’s opera house is an emblematic building in the city and with more than 150 years it’s situated at the same level of main opera houses in the world. For decades, it has been a symbol of culture and art as well as a meeting point for Catalan aristocracy and bourgeoisie. Created in 1847, “El Gran Teatre del Liceu” is situated in “Rambla de Barcelona” and every year has international known artists.

  • Saint George day

    Saint George day

    Saint George’sday is a special holiday inCataloniabecause Saint George is the patron saint. This day is celebrated on 23 of March and the tradition says that people should give roses and books as present to loved people. During this day, in all cities and towns inCataloniacan be seen people in the streets selling and buying books and flowers as a street market.

  • Human towers “Els Castells”

    Human towers “Els Castells”

    Human Towers known as “Castells” (Castles) are part of the Catalan tradition. It consists in the creation of gymnastic formations. People groups that build these forms are called “colles”. Every single member is called “casteller” and has a concrete function inside the group in order to create the human tower.

  • Peralada’s Castle Festival

    Peralada’s Castle Festival

    The Peralada’s Castle Festival is a very important cultural event in Catalonia and every year for more than 20 years. It has been celebrated in the town that has its name, a region in Alt Empordà situated between Figueras and Costa Brava.

  • Bach Zum Mitsingen

    Bach Zum Mitsingen

    The project Bach zum Mitsingen adapts the German tradition of Bachkantate zum Mitsingen. Since April 2011, Pau Jorquera and Daniel Tarrida have led this project, which offers J.S. Bach’s cantatas in a participative way.

  • Barcelona World Race

    Barcelona World Race

    Barcelona World Race is one of the sportive events most important in nautical sector. Several yachts compete all over the world without stops and with only two people in every ship. This race is organized by Barcelona Foundation for Offshore Sailing, all the contestants have the same origin and end in Barcelona’s port.  

  • Sitges Film Festival

    Sitges Film Festival

    The International Fantastic Film Festival in Catalonia was the firstfantastic film festival in the World and it’s celebrated in Sitges. The origin of this festival was in the International Fantastic and Scary Film Week. Since then it has been converted in an obligate appointment for all terror movies lovers and cinema professionals.

  • Palau de la Música

    Palau de la Música

    Palau dela Música was design by the modernistic architect Lluís Domènech Montaner, and nowadays is the most singular concert hall of the world. Lots of visitors come to Palau del a Música not only for its concerts agenda, but for visiting the place because of its architectural interest.

  • Montserrat


    Montserrat Mountainis one of the most emblematic places in Catlonia and during the 365 days in the year receives visitors that came from every part of the world. This mountain, situated near the river Llobregat, has a monastery situated at725 mover sea level and in that Benedictine monastery is placed “La Escolania” one of the most ancient coral group of kids in Europe and “La Moreneta” the virgin of Montserrat.

  • Modernistic wine cellar

    Modernistic wine cellar

    Cèsar Martinell, an architect disciple of Antoni Gaudí, designed and built many of wine cellars that exist along the Catalan regions. In some places, his work was so important that these building were called “Catedrals del vi” (Wine cathedrals).

  • Calçots and calçotades, a gastronomic phenomenon

    Calçots and calçotades, a gastronomic phenomenon

    Between December and April appear, in Tarragona region and especially in Valls, the calçots and the calçotada, a feast in which tradition and gastronomy come together.